Caring for pets in Angier, NC - and adjoining areas

Caring for pets in Angier, NC-and adjoining areas                 Over 50 years' of experience


If you can't take your pet, don't fret - they'll get TLC from The Furry Godmother! 


We realize pet owners face a dilemma when they travel on vacation or business. Choices are to board your pets at a kennel - or perhaps to inconvenience a friend, family member or the kid next door come in to care for them.

The Furry Godmother understands animals give unconditional love, companionship and security - making our houses into homes, so our Number One Priority is to keep your pets safe, healthy and happy, and your home secure while you're away.

When you use The Furry Godmother for your pet sitting needs there is no travel trauma for your pets, no exposure to illnesses or parasites from other animals in boarding facilities. . .and no imposition on friends. Your pets are in their familiar and secure environment surrounded by their favorite things with their customary diet and exercise routine.


The Furry Godmother provides a convenient and stress free alternative to boarding your pets and leaving your home unattended while you're traveling. 

*Comfort & Security:
Our customized service allows your pet to remain in the comfortable security of their own home, following their own routine with sights, smells and sounds it knows and is comfortable with. 

*Reduced Stress:
Your pet will not have the stress of being away from you and other pets. And while we realize nothing can take your place in your pets mind, we provide for the least disruption, stress and anxiety of being separated from you while providing excellent loving care in the comfort of your own home. 

*Healthy Alternative:
Our service is the healthier alternative because it keeps your pets in their own surroundings away from other pets who may be carrying diseases or parasites. 

*Peace of Mind:
Our service allows you to travel guilt free, with the peace of mind knowing that your pets and home are in capable, loving hands. 

*Crime Deterrent:
Our regular visits to your home also provides a type of crime deterrent at no extra charge! We can collect your mail, newspapers and any delivered packages, alternate lights, open and close blinds, turn radio and/or television alternately on or off, water inside plants, handle home emergencies, and provide trash and recycle bin curb service. Your home will have a lived in look and that provides security. 

We understand how difficult separation can be for both pets and people and feel your peace of mind and your pet's well being are our responsibility. It is important that our clients are comfortable with us, but ultimately we understand that your pets will decide for themselves how wonderful our service is. Animals have a way of simplifying things; they will ultimately pick who they trust based on who we are and what we do - not on what we say.

After an interview, we can quickly tailor our visits to meet you and your pet's specific needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with every request that you have for your pet. Your appointments are guaranteed, as is your satisfaction.

Six GREAT reasons to hire The Furry Godmother:

1. Our AAA Attitude towards animals: Attentive, Adoring, Ardent

2. Proximity to your home - Your sitters should be close by in case of emergency at your home.

3. Years of experience rescuing animals

4. Less health/safety risks and stress than a kennel or boarding

5. References - available upon request!


6. Your pet will thank you!!!

Our rates start as low as $15 per visit in zip code 27501. Visits include feeding, watering, accident cleanup, potty time, play time in your yard, administering medication if needed and plenty of TLC!

Also included are additional services like checking your mail, alternating lights, watering plants, etc. during pet visits to your home - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Please contact us for our low rates in areas adjoining zip code 27501.